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Shia History

1400 Years (Core Module)

  • Ended
  • From 600 British pounds
  • Online

Course Description

15 sessions on the history of Shiism. This unique course examines the evolution of 1,400 years of Shi’ism in Islam. Whereas traditional majalis & lectures tend to focus on the first 300 years up to the Ghayba of Imam Mahdi, this course will provide an in-depth focus on the next 1,000 years and how Shi’ism has evolved until today. Students will be able to analyze and evaluate the position of Shiʿi Twelver thought within the broader context of Islamic History, as well as assess the interdependence of religious & political ideas, both in general and specifically related to the Shiʿi grand-narrative. Suggested Reading: Shi'i Islam: an Introduction' by Najam Haider (Cambridge, 2014) Halm, Heinz (1991) Shiism Edinburgh ‘Twelver Shiism : Unity and Diversity in the Life of Islam‘ Newman, Andrew 2006

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